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Corey Smith with Rhett Akins & Rachel Farley

Saturday, July 16th, 2011« view all past events

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To say my music career has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. In the past five years I’ve played 650 shows from Georgia to Texas to Colorado to Vermont; sold over 600,000 tickets; and grossed $7.5 million in revenue. I’ve come to appreciate the exhilaration of sold out amphitheaters close to home as well as the warmth of crowded bars far away. My six independently released albums have sold over 150,000 copies and 800,000 singles¬ówell short of platinum, but more than enough to turn the heads of some major players in the music industry.

I doubt anyone could’ve predicted my career path. By largely bypassing Nashville, it looks remarkably different than most other country artists’ careers. However, unearthing my roots in Jefferson in hopes of finding fertile ground in Music City was never of interest. Likewise, a major record deal was unfeasible. Therefore, out of practicality, I came to rely on social networking, file-sharing, and word-of-mouth marketing combined with heavy touring and a constantly evolving live show. I continued writing, producing and releasing albums¬ólearning as I went, refining my style and identity. Yes, necessity is the mother of invention.

But my needs are different now. New dreams have emerged, replacing the ones which have already come true. Exciting new frontiers are waiting to be explored and calling me away from the comforts of home. Though I refuse to uproot, I am changing, reaching higher and growing.

My newest album, The Broken Record, epitomizes where I am, both personally and professionally. It is my salute to continuity amidst the trumpets of change, reconciling the freedom and recklessness of my youth with the security and responsibility of the present. It contains old songs brought to life with more color and drama as well as new songs stripped down to their essentials. For newcomers, The Broken Record will be a definitive and comprehensive introduction while long time fans will discover it is my most revealing self-portrait, underscoring the familiar alongside the unexpected.

As I look ahead to the album release and another exciting year of touring, I’m reminded how far I’ve come and how far I’ve yet to go. I stare out the window across the pasture behind my home, thinking of my family and friends; our community; and the thousands of people across the country who’ve been in my corner over the years, cheering for me, believing in me, and inspiring me. I realize that music is more important than ever and I that I am no longer content to use it as a means to only survive. I desire to thrive.

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