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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010« view all past events

Veteran rockers the Scorpions have annouced that their upcoming world tour “Get Your Sting and Blackout” and new album Sting in the Tail are their last.

“We want to end the Scorpion’s extraordinary career on a high note,” the band said in a statement posted at its official website. “We finish our career with an album we consider to be one of the best we have ever recorded and with a tour that will start in our home country Germany and take us to five different continents over the next few years.”

The German rockers are best known for their legendary hard rock songs “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” “Wind of Change,” “Still Loving You,” “Big City Nights,” “Noone Like You,” “Blackout,” “The Zoo,” “Holiday,” and many more.

Ratt has just released their long-awaited new album Infestation. The band will be performing new songs along with classics like “Round and Round,” “Way Cool Jr.,” “Back for More,” “You’re in Love,” and “Lay It Down” on tour this summer.