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Kicks Country Jam: Gary Allan

Joe Nichols, Eric Church & Heidi Newfield

Saturday, November 1st, 2008« view all past events

Gary Allan has established himself as a country singer who knows exactly and communicates richly his own mind. He is a songwriter who often has chosen not to write, because of his great ability to sing to life certain songs written by others, and because of his expertise at grouping those selections into albums that expose his own unvarnished emotional truths.

He is a native southern Californian who always has believed that vintage choices — ’50s guitar tones; rhythms from honky-tonk clubs where people gather, talk, and dance; lyrics unafraid to deal with whatever appears on the table at the time — should form the bedrock of country music that remains in touch with modern realities.

He is a singer, not particularly flashy yet capable of tapping deep style, who often has said that rock and roll covers the weekends, and country music, with its emphasis on everyday honesty, engages with Monday-through-Thursday.