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ATMs are located just inside the gates in both the Upper East and Upper West Plazas as well as in the VIP Club.


A fine assortment of food and beverages are available for purchase in the Upper and Lower Plazas. Additional beverage stands are located at the top of the lawn. Water fountains are located outside of each Restroom in the Upper and Lower Plazas. Click here for more information on food & beverage.


Please do your part by:

  • Showing common courtesy to fellow guests
  • Refraining from profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior
  • Wearing shoes and shirts at all times

Designated Drivers

Designated Drivers ease minds and help guests fully enjoy the show. Please stop by the East or West Guest Services Booth for information on our Budweiser Designated Drivers rewards program.

First Time Concert-Goers

We appreciate your attendance and offer first time concert-goers a commemorative venue certificate at the East and West Guest Services Booths.

Guest Services

For your convenience, Guest Services Booths are located outside the East and West Gates. Here you will find answers to all your questions and concerns. You can also speak to any staff member. Please feel free to drop comments and suggestions into our appropriately marked boxes. Rest assured, we read each one.

Handicap Accessible

Wheelchairs and assistance are provided for disabled guests at each Guest Services Booth. Handicapped parking is available in Lots A, C and VIP Lot.

Medical Attention

The First Aid Station is located in the Upper East Plaza, just inside the East Gate.

Lawn Chair Rental

Lawn chairs are available for a $8 rental fee. (Cash and credit card)

Lot N Shuttles (for select concerts)

Shuttle service for the off-site parking (Lot N) operate continuously during concerts. Lot N is located on Rainwater Drive off of Haynes Bridge Road and Westside Parkway. The drop-off and pick-up area at the venue is outside the East Gate on Encore Parkway.

Lost & Found

Items are brought to both Guest Services Booths. After the show, they are secured in our administrative offices, (404) 733-5010. Guests must provide a description of the article, along with your name and contact information. Items will be kept for 30 days and then donated to charity.

No Ins and Outs

For security reasons, re-entry or re-admission is generally not allowed.


Ample parking is available on-site in Lots A, B, C and off-site at Lot N (available for select concerts). Lots A and C  generally open two hours prior to events. Lots B and N open at 6:00pm. Doors typically open one hour prior to events, but this may vary. Please select the event you are attending from our events & tickets page for more information. *Please note that over-sized vehicles are only available in Lot A for an additional charge. Please go to the parking page for more information. Please contact us with questions on specific concert details.* Also, note that tailgating is not allowed in Lot B or Lot N.


Courtesy Verizon phones are available at both the East and West Guest Services Booths.


Restrooms are on located in both the Upper and Lower East and West Plazas and at the top of the lawn.


Smoking is not permitted in any reserved seating area or on the lawn. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

Taxi Service and Rideshares

Taxi service and Rideshares are available outside the East Gate to the left as you exit the venue in Parking Lot P on the East side of the venue. Rideshare, Limos and taxis are not allowed to be picked up or dropped off in Lot A or in the VIP Parking Lot.

Text Us For Assistance

To better serve you while you are attending an event, we have instituted a text messaging program. Are you looking for an ATM? Do you need first aid or security? Are you looking for a specific food option? Text us at (678) 591-0983 with your question or concern.

Verizon Express Gates

Show your Verizon cell phone at the Verizon Express Gates to gain entry for your and your guests to concerts prior to everyone else. Verizon Express Gates are located on both the East and West side.